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The Benefits of Membership

IBAC is a professional organization located in California representing the global community of international financial service providers. Members of IBAC benefit through the organization’s main objectives:

    1. Provide top-quality educational and training programs to keep members on top of all current issues impacting the financial services industry in California. Education is the “heart” of IBAC and is the primary task and obligation to its members.

    2. Foster and develop a forum for the free exchange of ideas and airing of concerns common to its members. This may be done formally in conjunction with regularly scheduled seminars and workshops; or, alternatively, it may be done on an informal basis during a social mixer or at a pre-luncheon discussion.

    3. Provide networking and business opportunities among members. This may be done with a formal presentation on a specific topic with industry leaders or in conjunction with other scheduled programs.

    4. Represent the interests of its members vis-ŕ-vis regulatory authorities with jurisdiction over the financial services industry in California. Similarly, represent the interests of its members with the legislative and executive branches of state government.

    5. Leverage the interest of its members with other professional organizations, such as the California Bankers Association, the Institute of International Bankers in New York, and the National Association of Chinese-American Bankers, among others.

    6. Arrange regular meetings to implement the above objectives and promote the annual convention. Our events combine an informative range of presentations, educational workshops, and distinguished speakers from the U.S. and abroad with a series of social activities that provide excellent networking opportunities to attendees.
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